Where Can I Get a Loan Using a Car as Collateral?

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Get a Loan Using a Car as Collateral

Do you need fast access to money? A popular option among many borrowers is a car title loan, which is also known as a title loan. With this funding method, you use your vehicle as collateral to secure a loan. You can obtain this type of loan from a variety of financial institutions.


Traditional commercial lenders offer title loans for clients who don’t qualify for unsecured loans. The application process requires certain information to determine approval. Banks need the following:

● Credit score
● Income level
● Paycheck stubs
● Tax forms
● Vehicle age
● Vehicle mileage

You also need liability coverage on the automobile throughout the duration of the loan. During the course of the loan, the bank takes ownership of your vehicle and returns it to you once the loan is paid in full.

Credit Unions

Some credit unions offer collateral loans on vehicles. The specific loan terms and conditions vary from one credit union to another. For example, some institutions require that your vehicle is paid in full while others do not. Borrowers must supply information, such as:

● Vehicle title
● Loan application
● Valid driver’s license
● Current check stub
● Proof of insurance

Credit unions, like banks, inspect the automobiles. Additionally, all title loans are subject to credit approval.

Online Lenders

Online alternative lending companies make it easier for you to secure auto collateral financing. You can qualify for a title loan without divulging all your personal and business affairs. This is especially true with luxury car-backed loans.

Lux Exchange is an alternative lender specializing in luxury asset financing. If you own a luxury car, you can use it as collateral to secure funds fast. The approval process is handled online, and there’s no need for a credit check. You’re offered a loan amount based on information you provide and an on-site evaluation of your automobile. As soon as you accept the terms, the funds are sent out electronically.

We have secure indoor facilities with 24-hour surveillance and insurance all over the country where your car will be stored in the city nearest you. Once the loan is paid, your luxury vehicle is returned to you in immaculate condition.

Leverage Your Luxury Car

Taking a loan out against your car has never been easier. The Lux Exchange is not like a bank or credit union. We partner with you to leverage your luxury car so you can gain liquidity for your capital needs or to purchase additional high-end vehicles. As the premier luxury automobile lender in the U.S., contact us today to start the process for your loan.