We work with UPS ParcelPro. We’re keeping it safe and secure

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We continually look for solutions tailored specifically to the luxury asset industry. We treat your valuables like they were our own.  With as many transactions as we have going back and forth, we make sure that the chance of anything happening to your precious assets is minimal. We take no chances where their safety is concerned. This is why we work with UPS ParcelPro.

UPS ParcelPro offers insured shipping solutions to the jewelry, wristwatch, and collectible industries. We’re part of a group of individuals, small and large businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution, wholesale, retail sale of jewelry, wristwatches, collectibles, and other high-value goods. Your precious goods are covered by a policy that is underwritten by an A Rated insurance company. We also benefit from Parcel Pro’s risk management and shipping procedures, which have been proven to reduce losses.

Never worry about the safety of your assets. Get started with an evaluation of your asset here.