NEWS & PRESS: Luxury Asset Capital Launches Lux Exchange to Serve Middle and Upper-Income Segments with Targeted Collateralized Financing Services

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DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luxury Asset Capital™ LLC, a leading online provider of alternative financing, today announced the launch of Lux Exchange™, an online service that provides immediate capital in exchange for luxury assets that it either holds as collateral or purchases. Luxury Asset Capital created Lux Exchange to serve middle and upper-income individuals and businesses when traditional …

NEWS & PRESS: Lux Exchange Gives Pawn Shop a Luxury Makeover

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By SARAH JONES Luxury Asset Capital is turning consumers’ luxury assets into liquid capital through the launch of Lux Exchange, responding to individuals’ occasional needs for fast, short-term financing. Lux Exchange allows clients to put goods such as jewelry or cars up as collateral for capital, whether they need $5,000 or $5 million. Even those …