We’re A Platinum Member of IWJG – The International Watch and Jewelry Guild

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Because the accuracy of our evaluation is paramount and the types of assets we accept are diverse, it is vital that we stay on top of the watch and jewelry industry. Our membership in this organization has helped us stay current. The IWJG deals with a huge roster of asset categories, such as vintage and …

We’re part of 70,000 Businesses Listed in the Jewelers Board of Trade

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We’re not jewelry outsiders. Our membership in the JBT gives us the legitimacy and expertise needed when transacting with other dealers. Specifically, being a member allows us to buy, sell and trade jewelry as a certified jeweler in the trade. The Jewelers Board of Trade is a not-for-profit, member-owned association with over 130 years’ experience …

Warhols for Fast Cash: Why Collectors are Pawning Expensive Art

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It has to be said that being “cash-poor”—meaning you’ve got a lot of assets, but very little wealth in spendable form—is, despite its negative connotations, a position of incredible privilege. Most often you’ll hear about it in relation to celebrities as the reason for a house flip or sale of a beloved Lamborghini. But surprising …