Where Can I Get a Loan on Jewelry Using Diamonds in Denver?

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Where Can I Get a Loan on Jewelry Using Diamonds in Denver

Wealth depends on two main types of assets: liquid and non-liquid. Even the wealthiest families sometimes have a net worth strongly supported by assets that cannot be quickly converted to cash. These include real estate, luxury vehicles, stocks, and jewelry. As a result, every so often, family emergencies, business ventures, or other expenses may require …

Where can I get a sports memorabilia collateral loan in Denver?

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Every sport has its unicorns, those oh-so-rare and immensely valuable pieces of memorabilia that fans hope and pray to find in grandma’s attic someday. For example, Babe Ruth’s 1919 Yankees contract is valued at $996,000. The gloves from a 1965 fight between Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson brought $1.1 million. A document titled the Rules …

How To Get a Small Business Loan With Collateral in Denver

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Learn How to Get a Loan to Start a Business the Easy Way

An entrepreneur beginning a small business in Denver, or in any other part of the United States, will need to seek out start-up funds, and many choose to fund the project through small business loans. Also called business collateral loans, small business loans provided by lenders other than banks have terms that vary, but most …

WatchBox Introduces Specialty Financial Services Through Partnership with Luxury Asset Capital

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WatchBox and Luxury Asset Capital’s specialty financial services enable clients to realize a broader range of options for their timepieces. WatchBox, the leading global platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury timepieces, and Luxury Asset Capital, a leader in the alternative financing market, have partnered to enable WatchBox’s clients to quickly access …

We work with UPS ParcelPro. We’re keeping it safe and secure

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We continually look for solutions tailored specifically to the luxury asset industry. We treat your valuables like they were our own.  With as many transactions as we have going back and forth, we make sure that the chance of anything happening to your precious assets is minimal. We take no chances where their safety is …

Our own Richard Shults is a GIA Alumni! (We’re proud.)

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Richard Shults is one of our in-house experts. He’s been in the jewelry, watch and diamond business for over 25 years. Richard loves to ski, hike and spend time with his wife Lynn, daughter Katelyn and their dog Willow. His status as an alum of GIA means he’s had the finest training in the world …

We are a Part of the Watch Certification Services of America

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Mr. Collector, are you sure that Rolex is real? Fake watches have been around almost as long as the genuine ones. But now, enter the “SuperFakes” watches created so that they can sell for a maximum price to unsuspecting collectors or buyers. Fraudsters are getting better and better at this illegal imitation. These SuperFakes are …

We’ve Received an Awesome A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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Our standing with our clients is extremely important to us. We’re proud to say that we’ve been accredited by the BBB since November of 2017 and are proud to maintain an A+ rating.  Our A+ Rating is based on a 100-point scoring scale the BBB uses to assign letter grade ratings, scoring between 97 and …

We use to Entrupy to make sure your luxury handbags are authentic

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Is it really a Prada, Hermes or Louis Vuitton? Or something made in China. In December of 2018 federal agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement executed a search warrant at a Collinsville, AL home and seizing counterfeit merchandise valued more than $500,000. This is just a fraction of the fake handbag trade that occurs …