Need Money Quickly and Easily?

No hassle — borrow against your luxury assets or sell them with a simple, safe, and secure process. No hassle with running auctions or ads. Save your time and money with the Lux Exchange.



Why borrow against your luxury assets?

You shouldn’t have to leverage your future by doing things like liquidating holdings like stocks, bonds and mutual funds when you can leverage the residual value of your past purchases. Consider the potential advantages to your personal financial situation of raising capital without worrying about tax consequences, future dividend losses, and loss of potential future gains in market value. Selling or leveraging luxury assets carries none of these risks, and can deliver a capital infusion in the same timeframe as selling securities.


How Does The Lux Exchange Work?

If you’re looking for a convenient, discreet way to unlock the hidden capital of your luxury assets, The Lux Exchange is the answer you’ve been searching for.


How Does It Work?

Simply complete a short online application, and accept or decline our initial offer. Accepting the initial offer does not lock you into any contract; instead, you will then ship your item to us free of charge for a final evaluation and offer. If you choose to sign the contract, your item will immediately be safely stored at our secure facility and the funds will be wired to your account. Upon completion of your loan, your asset will be shipped back to you.


Assets We Accept

At Lux Exchange, we provide solutions to your cash flow needs. Whether you borrow against a luxury asset or sell one to us, we can get you the money you need in as little as 24 hours. See below for the typical assets we accept:

  • Diamonds
  • Luxury Watches
  • Other Jewelry
  • Gold & Precious Metals
  • Apple Products
  • Designer Handbags



Ready to Finance With The Lux Exchange?


The Lux Exchange prides itself on discretion and speed. In certain instances, in-person appointments are a necessity.

For local Coloradans, our Headquarters in Denver is a secure and private meeting place. For our out-of-state clients, we can come to you.

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