Collateral Loans on Princess Cut Diamonds

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When it comes to precious stones, princess cut diamonds are one of the most sought-after options for bridal sets and other fine jewelry. This delicate cut shows off the stone’s natural luminescence. At The Lux Exchange, we offer diamond collateral loans that keep your valuables safe while providing the cash you need for home repairs, unexpected expenses, or even a luxurious vacation.

All About Princess Cut Diamonds

Although the term princess-cut diamond was used as early as the 1960s, the modern cut was invented in 1980 by jewelers Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. Princess is the second most popular diamond cut after the cushion cut and is one of the most common stones used for engagement rings.

The princess cut is shaped like an inverted pyramid with four gently beveled sides. When the diamond is viewed from above, it appears rectangular or square. This sleek, feminine design is enhanced by the presence of an X shape that shows off the clarity of the cut.

Princess cut diamonds are versatile enough to work with just about any setting you desire as long as it has prongs to protect the four corners of the stone. These diamonds are at their most valuable with a brilliant princess cut in a shape that appears perfectly square to the naked eye.

Working With The Lux Exchange

When you need liquid funds, you can seek a traditional bank loan or cash advance from your credit card. With collateral loans from The Lux Exchange, however, you can unlock the power of your valuable assets, including princess-cut diamonds.

First, you’ll complete a brief application form and receive an initial loan offer. Next, securely ship us your diamond using the provided fully insured and prepaid FedEx label. Upon receipt of your assets, we will provide a final loan offer. If you accept, simply verify your identification to receive funds in your bank account through a secure electronic transfer. After you repay the amount as agreed along with a small monthly service fee, we will return your princess cut diamond through FedEx with comprehensive insurance. You can even have us keep your collateral and take out a new loan backed by your diamond. 

Getting a collateral loan backed by your diamonds and other precious assets couldn’t be easier. Get started today by requesting an item evaluation online or contact a team member at 844-280-0930 to ask any questions you have about this simple, secure process.