Lux Exchange vs. Other Loans

Lux Exchange vs. Small Business Loans or Home Equity Line of Credit

As an entrepreneur, the road to success is never a straight shot. It takes more than hard work and financial savvy. You need to be able to stare down adversity at almost any turn and overpower it. Most of the time that is easier said than done, and sometimes challenges can seem insurmountable. Maybe this month your costs are outpacing your revenue, you need money for accounts payable, payroll, an inventory purchase, a real estate purchase etc. Whatever the reason, Lux Exchange is your Small Business partner. We’ve helped thousands of business owners with their cash flow needs.


  • SPEED: we can fund in as little as 24 hours with no credit checks, no personal or business financials and no other disclosures. Just simply send us your luxury assets and you can borrow against them.
  • MAXED CREDIT LINES: if your line(s) of credit at the bank are maxed and you have a deal that needs to get done, we can help you right now. Any small business owner knows their banking partners move slowly because of regulation. Lux Exchange is ready to fund your account right now!
  • CREDIT HISTORY: if your debt-to-income ratio is already taxed, or your credit has taken a hit because you’ve gone all-in on your business… we totally understand. That’s why borrowing against your luxury assets – and not touching your personal/business credit in any way – is the right answer. Lux Exchange is the perfect partner to get a cash infusion with further risking your financial future.


Instead of invasive and extensive credit and background checks, Lux Exchange lends you the money you need now against collateral you already own! Lux Exchange will lend up to, and exceeding $5M within 24 hours of applying with no credit checks.

Lending Comparison

Below is a summary of what is generally required to obtain a small business loan or Home Equity Line of Credit, versus Our Process:

Traditional Financing Lux Exchange
3 years of tax returns (business & personal) N/A
3 years of financials (P&L and balance sheet) N/A
24 months of projections N/A
2-3 in-office meetings N/A
Credit Check N/A
Personal Guaranty N/A
1st priority lien on all business and personal assets N/A
6-8 week minimum wait period 24 hour wait period
½ – 2% interest/month + 2-3% in fees 2-10% interest/month + NO FEES
The Lux Exchange prides itself on discretion and speed. In certain instances, in-person appointments are a necessity.

For local Coloradans, our Headquarters in Denver is a secure and private meeting place. For our out-of-state clients, we can come to you.

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