Cartier Watch Collateral Loans

Internationally Renowned

Cartier: a French luxury jewelry and watch company, Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Mr. Louis-Francois Cartier and remained family-owned until 1964. Long associated with royalty and celebrities, Kate Middleton has been seen wearing

Cartier watches and a long line of Kings from decades past have worn Cartier for special occasions. Cartier is also known for its spectacular pieces for engagement rings and wedding bands, and the brand is synonymous with luxury. The Lux Exchange is proud to assist Cartier watch owners in unlocking the equity and value they have in the timepieces. Read below on how to borrow against your Cartier watch, especially the ever-popular Cartier Tank.

Borrowing Against your Cartier Watch

The Lux Exchange is the premier luxury watch lender in the United States. We have millions of dollars of high-end watches in our vault and there is no better place to collateralize your timepieces to unlock the equity you have. Rather than leave your watch collection sitting in your safe or closet, use them to get some capital for your next purchase or business need. Luxury watches that are owned free and clear have thousands of dollars in equity waiting to be unlocked. Why get a Home Equity Line of Credit when you have equity in your watches? Don’t leverage your future – leverage your past! You’ve already paid-in-full for your luxury watches, so use the Lux Exchange and borrow against the value. Click here to Get Started.

Important Considerations for your Cartier Luxury Watches

When you ship your watch to The Lux Exchange, including all original accessories, boxes and papers increases the amount of capital we can get you. Please send:

  • – original purchase receipts, if you have them
  • – original boxes and papers
  • – any links or accessories
  • – any other information you have from the manufacturer

If you have questions please Contact Us. Thank you!





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