Precious Metals Collateral Loans

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About Our Precious Metal-backed Loans

If you are interested in using gold as collateral for a loan, The Lux Exchange is here to provide you with the best possible loan terms. When you choose to take out precious metal-backed loans with us, our experienced underwriters will provide you with a fair market price for your valuables. Upon agreement to our terms, we will care for and store your items until you claim them after repayment of the loan.

To guarantee safety and maintained condition of valuables under our possession, we film every piece of collateral we receive; this proves the condition of the assets when given to us. We then place the valuable into a safe, where further precautions have been implemented for maximum security. The safes are put into our processing room constructed with concrete floors, and steel-reinforced walls with 24-hour surveillance. Once your valuables are in our care, we consider them to be just as valuable to us as they are to you.

Precious Metals We Accept

If you are interested in using valuable metals as collateral for a loan, here is a list of precious metals that we accept:


Because gold is a rare precious metal, it is a valuable element. Gold is corrosion-resistant, which enhances its value.


When a precious metal is turned into a solid bar, it is called bullion. These bars are useful for the trade market because they contain larger values of precious metals.


This type of metal has many uses. While it is most often used in jewelry and coins, it is also an excellent electrical conduit and is used to make battery contacts, mirrors, and dental alloys. Because silver is scarce, it has intrinsic value.


This metal is most often used in catalytic converters in car exhaust systems. Because it is both durable and pliable, it also works well to make jewelry and dental fillings.


Because platinum is similar to gold in that it is also resistant to corrosion, it is an effective metal for catalytic converters and chemical catalysts. It is often also used for jewelry.


Different coins are made from different metals, which has a direct impact on their value. Coins are often made from copper, gold, or silver. Those made from more precious metals hold more value.

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