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Pawgo Customer Review Avatar “I didn’t want to feel embarrassed by going to the local the pawn shop and having to go every month to pay my money. Basically, you took care of all that. When I needed the money the most, they loaned it to me and I gave them my bracelet as collateral. The best part is its FedEx one-day shipping with insurance.”
– AW in Colorado
Pawgo Customer Review Avatar “I have had a total of five experiences with you. Your assistance has been very private, personable and quick. I am a big fan of you and your organization. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my type of situation who had the need and was willing to let go of material items to maintain life and day to day needs.”
– J.B. From Winston Salem, North Carolina
Pawgo Customer Review Avatar “I want to thank you for making this ring selling experience super easy. I know I was a pain, emailing you every 15 minutes but you made everything work just as you promised. I’ll definitely recommend you and use you again. The process is SO much easier than using a traditional pawn shop or trying to sell an item on Craigslist etc… Thanks again.”
– R.D. from Maryland

Comic Books Collateral Loans

Do you have a comic book or collection from the Golden Age of comics? Do you have any that are part of a limited run? If you have a valuable comic book collection, it can be used as collateral for a loan. By using assets you already have to secure funds, you don’t need to worry about credit checks and mounds of paperwork. Luxury loans provide a way for you get the cash you need.

Comic book collections built over time are often passed down through generations. There are several features that indicate a comic book’s value:

  1. Age
  2. Print number
  3. Limited edition
  4. Popular characters
  5. Variant covers
  6. Good condition

To begin the loan process, start the online application and provide as many details as possible, including photos, proof of ownership, certificates of authenticity and any previous appraisals you may have had done. Fast cash loans using luxury assets let you leverage past purchases, and there is no time-consuming paperwork and invasive financial inquiries.

The Loan Process

We keep the process of getting a loan from us simple. With traditional lenders, there are many hoops for you to jump through; however, we cut out all of that. Our process starts merely with an online application, where you are asked to include details about your art or collectible:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Photos
  • Certificates of authenticity
  • Appraisals

Upon reviewing your application and accompanying documents, we will provide you with a conditional initial offer. If you agree, we will then send you a free shipping label to send the asset to us so we can complete an appraisal and seal the deal. The shipping is 100% paid for by us and fully insured. We use third-party evaluators to ensure fairness and accuracy. Once you accept our final offer and sign the contract, we will transfer funds to your bank account.

To ensure that your asset is treated properly, we will videotape the package being opened and placed into a secured vault monitored 24 hours a day upon receiving it. We take security seriously and always treat your asset with the utmost care and respect.

Get Your Loan Today

If you need money and have art or collectibles that are of value, then try our loan process. We can help you discreetly get fast money while providing you with a peace of mind. Start your application today.

The Lux Exchange helps client unlock the equity in their art collections with our simple and discreet process. Here is how it works:

– Please complete an online application, and include as much information as possible on your art or collectible. Please include:

  • several photos
  • appraisals
  • certificates of authenticity
  • proof of ownership
  • any other pertinent information

– We will send you an initial offer pending our final evaluation. This is just an INITIAL offer because of course we have not been able to evaluate the item yet.

– Your Initial Offer email will have a link to create a FedEx label and you will ship us your art or collectible. Once we receive the asset(s) here is the next step:

Since Art and Collectibles can be difficult to place a value on, we will engage a third-party evaluator to help us authenticate and value your asset(s). This may take up to 5 business days, but we have evaluators and appraisers on call ready to assist our clients.

– Once we have authenticated and valued your Art or Collectible, we will send you a Final Offer. Now the process goes quickly: simply accept the offer, read the contract, ask any questions you may have, and then sign the contract.

– Once we have received your signed contract back, we can fund your bank account! Simple as that.





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