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About Our Diamond-backed Loans

When you are in need of money for any reason, there are a lot of options to consider. However, one option you may not have thought of is a luxury asset-backed loan. Luxury asset-backed loans allow you to use your luxury assets to get you the money you need right away. The loan borrows against your own property with a little bit of assistance from us. We make the process easy and secure, giving you the ability to offer many kinds of assets; The most common being diamonds.

Diamond Cuts We Accept as Collateral

Radiant Diamond


The radiant-cut diamond has a rectangle shape, with rounded corners that maximize its light-reflecting qualities. The incredible sparkle of a radiant-cut diamond has the effect of making it appear larger than its true carat size.

Round Diamond


The classic round-cut diamond has been a favorite for over a century. Its multi-faceted design was created to allow light to pass through the diamond, reflecting through a variety of angles that create sparkle and shine.

Marquise Diamond


The unique marquise-cut diamond has an oval shape with elongated, pointed ends. These diamonds are easily recognizable for their sharp appearance that sets them apart from many other diamond cut styles.

Cushion Diamond


The cushion-cut diamond is named for the expansive flat surface that makes up the top of the precious stone. Surrounding this surface are more than 30 “cushions,” tiny facets that have been cut out to create a slightly-rounded appearance with plenty of light-reflecting angles.

Emerald Diamond


Emerald-cut diamonds are highly valuable and very precisely-made, similar to a radiant diamond in its rectangular shape but differing with its short, sharply-angled corners. It’s a highly-transparent diamond, because far fewer facts are cut into its shape.

Heart Diamond


Heart-shaped diamonds are a distinctly unique shape and take considerable time and skill to create. A number of complex cuts are used to create the tiny angles that add up to the beautiful heart shape.

Asscher Diamond


An asscher-cut diamond is a dramatic take on the classic square cut, with a raised crown lined with extended, stepped facets. When cut properly, this diamond reflects a powerfully clear light, without any disappearing through the sides.

Oval Diamond


Oval is another very classic cut, simple but beautiful. The edges and ends are softly rounded, creating the effect of a gently twinkling light. The size of the oval-cut diamond plays a large part in its overall appearance.

Princess Diamond


Earning massive popularity in the mid-20th century, princess-cut diamonds are a luxurious, distinctive cut that are now a cornerstone of diamond design. With a square face and pointed corners, these diamonds have a much different look than many other cuts.

Pear Diamond


Pear-shaped diamonds are often referred to as teardrop-cut, combining both pointed and round cuts to maximize the light refraction. The light travels through the rounded edge, and the eye is naturally attracted to the sharp point.

Using Our Loans

Our diamond-backed loans can be a great way to use your assets to get money. Some of the reasons why our customers get a loan include:

  • Raising business capital
  • Taking an family vacation
  • Purchasing a large and exciting luxury asset
  • Managing unexpected expenses

There is no use behind letting your diamonds sit around when they can be put to good use. At The Lux Exchange, we will offer you up to 75-80 percent (in most cases) of the value for money you can use instantly any way you please. Leverage the value of your diamonds without having to sell them for funds you can put to use right away.

At The Lux Exchange, we have over eight years of experience under our belt working with individuals to provide secure exchanges to get the money they need, when they need it. There are many advantages to using our service; We offer the opportunity to get funds while protecting you against the loss of dividends and future gains, all while helping you avoid tax consequences of traditional borrowing. Plus, we make the process simple for you, ensuring the transaction is 100% safe.

Our Security Measures

When getting a loan with the use of diamonds, the first step taken is evaluation. Carefully evaluating the diamonds allows us to determine their value and make a fitting loan to offer you. We will send you a free FedEx label to ship your diamonds both securely and safely. Once we receive the diamonds, we film the process of opening the package to ensure credibility and security of your property. After evaluation, the diamond is then kept inside a secured vault under 24-hour surveillance. We take the process very seriously and protect your assets as if they were our own.

Get Financing Quickly

In addition to the many types and styles of diamonds we accept, we offer a chance to get financing discreetly, with little paperwork and no hoops to jump through. Collateralize your assets with us for quick money you need now without any hassle. Contact our team or click here to get the process started today.

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