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Rise of a Powerhouse

Since Prada was originally founded in 1913, it has been a fashion powerhouse from handbags to accessories and remains a top name in the fashion industry. With their clean-cut lines and impeccable craftsmanship shining through on every piece, Prada has become a name for quality and status with everyone wanting one but few being able to obtain them. From the black nylon bag that originally set them apart to their modern ready to wear lines, Prada continues to be innovative and original securing their status as a luxury brand.

From the Beginning

Mario Prada along with his brother Martino started Prada in Milan, Italy as a leather goods store. Selling English steamer trunks and handbags, they began to make a name for themselves. Mario was against women working but once his son showed no interest in taking over the company after his passing, his daughter stepped up and took over running her fathers shop. Luisa ran the company for 20 years until her daughter, Miuccia, took over in the late 70’s.

Miuccia soon met Bertelli, the owner of a leather good shop since the age of 17, whom quickly became her advisor and partner. With his advice, they stopped importing English trunks and handbags and started creating their own luggage line. In 1979, Prada introduced their first line of luggage. Though not an instant success, their merchandise soon gained ground once placed in many high-end department stores and boutiques. From that moment forward, Prada began to take off, opening another store in Milan and being seen as a brand with a modern edge.

The Rise of Prada

A year after opening their second store in Milan, the iconic Black Nylon bag was born. Within that same year, they also opened numerous other stores including boutiques in Paris, New York City and Florence. Once the iconic Prada Handbag was released in 1985, there was no questioning that Prada would be around for years to come. Due to the overnight success of that bag, their popularity skyrocketed. The brand was now known for their sleek lines and luxury craftsmanship.

The fashion world began to take notice in 1989 with the introduction of their women’s ready to wear line introducing the world to a dropped waistline and narrow belts. Prada became a main powerhouse in the 1990’s and became a premium symbol of status. Their products were still hard to come by, making their exclusivity even more appealing to those who owned them.

Prada Takes a Dangerous Leap

The brands continued success launched them into even more markets in the late 90’s opening their largest boutique in Manhattan, while also owning another 40 locations worldwide. The company began to acquire numerous high fashion companies to get a firm hold in the luxury goods market in Europe, which they succeeded in doing, but at a pretty penny. Though Prada was at the peak of their success, they were still in debt.

Selling off many of the companies they had just acquired and placing the company in the Hong Kong stock exchange in June 2011, the company raised 2.14 billion dollars getting them out of much of the debt they had acquired while trying to rise higher than they already were. Today, Prada continues to be a powerhouse introducing new lines of clothing, shoes, accessories, and of course, the very item that won them the fame they have today, handbags.

The Devil is in the Details

Prada is a company that has no desire to be just another face in the fashion industry. The company’s management and design teams are eager for Prada to be the only name people think about when they talk about luxury fashion. While angels may sport Prada on the walkway, the details they parade are being crafted by creative devils whose brilliance knows just how far to push the fashion envelope each season. The result is a brand whose fashions are always just one step ahead of the competition. This makes Prada pieces among the best items to borrow against because they remain relevant fashion statements long after their initial release date.

Are There Pawn Shops that Buy Designer Handbags?

There certainly are online luxury exchanges that buy Prada handbags, and The Lux Exchange is proud to be one of the most respected in the industry. We offer small business loans and short-term loans for our client’s luxury handbags. If you are wondering how to sell designer handbags online, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our luxury shop and the simple processes we use to ensure the safety, security and privacy of our clients. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you assess the value of your Prada collection.





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