Goyard Handbags & Accessories Collateral Loans

A Name That Sells Itself

More than 150 years old, Goyard has established itself as the brand of brands. Unlike other companies that rely on celebrity endorsements and eye-catching advertisements, the Goyard name says all that needs to be said. It is one of the few fashion houses that can claim to be a family company, with ownership passing from father to son as time marched forward.

As the company has evolved, some things haven’t changed: The company prizes secrecy and privacy, refuses interviews and has not developed an e-commerce platform for clients to purchase the company’s collections. This has created a strong mystique around the brand and fostered an aura of exclusivity that exudes from each piece they offer.

Aristocratic Appeal

From Windsor Castle to Wall Street, the White House to the Maharaja Palace at Karatka, Goyard is a favorite of royalty and the truly wealthy. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John Rockefeller, the Grimaldi family, and the Maharajah of Kapurthala prized their Goyard designs. The flamboyant Madame Pompidou was known to flaunt her collection, and that tradition continues in modern times as Hollywood royalty has picked up the company’s torch. Goyard designs are favorites of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Bell, Lauren Conrad, Hillary Duff and many others as they stroll through Tinseltown.

Goyard Woven Canvases

The signature Goyard woven canvas is perhaps the company’s most recognized mark on the fashion world. Known as Goyardine, the fabric is a four-shade woven canvas that is as strong and durable as it is soft and refined. The canvas has gone through a recent evolution, and today many of the items in Goyard’s collection are woven on a Jacquard loom that allows the company to incorporate lighter shades into the designs of Goyard purses, Goyard luggage, and Goyard handbags.

Goyard Goes the Distance

The company’s aura of exclusivity and the rarity of its items on the resale market mean that pieces that are well cared for will retain much of their value. In fact, it is common for online luxury exchanges to offer Goyard totes and Goyard messenger bags at close to their initial purchase price. Their popularity and rarity make items from Goyard collections sound investments as they have a long and slow depreciation curve. Moreover, the refined fabric patterns and bag styles are designed to complement a wide variety of fashions and styles. This provides a strong buffer against depreciation as the fashion world evolves and moves forward.

Getting the Most for Your Goyard Bags

Goyard is an exclusive brand and that means that it is best offered to an exclusive online luxury exchange. There are several reasons for this. An online pawn shop may not have the expertise or experience with such an exclusive brand. This can cause them to deliver an inaccurate estimate of the item’s value.

On the other hand, an online luxury exchange such as Lux Exchange has an established staff and clientele that understand the value of the brand. While there are many pawn shops that buy designer handbags, it is best to secure a loan from one that specializes in luxury goods. You might even say that it’s the key to getting the biggest buck for your bag.

Secrecy and Security are Our Strengths

Like Goyard, we value the privacy of our clients and the security of the possessions they secure as collateral for borrowing against loans. Our records, including contact lists, loan statements, and repayment terms are absolutely confidential. Whatever the reasons or amount of the loan, this information is secured against both data breaches and loose lips. Moreover, our climate-controlled storage facility is closely monitored to ensure that our client’s possessions remain safe and secure throughout the duration of the loan.

A Simple Process for Securing a Loan

Whether offering a Goyard messenger bag or a Goyard tote, we make it easy for you to transform your unused bag into hard currency. The loan process commences when you contact us requesting an evaluation of the piece. If you accept our initial evaluation, we will send you a prepaid FedEx shipping label you can use to send the item in for a more thorough evaluation.

Upon receipt of the bag, our evaluators will provide a detailed evaluation for you to review. When you accept our final evaluation, we will go through the loan terms with you, schedule a repayment plan and place the item into secure storage. When the loan is repaid, we send the item back to you in the same condition as when it was evaluated. Throughout the process, the item is insured so that our clients are covered should the unexpected happen.

The process we use at Lux Exchange is among the most streamlined and secure within the online pawn industry. It allows us to accept and offer high-value loans for a wide variety of luxury goods including Luis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and many others.





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