Christian Dior Handbags & Accessories Collateral Loans

Haute Couture and Elegance

The roots of modern fashion are deeply entrenched in the pre-World War II period, an era of inspiration that saw men like Christian Dior spread their artistic wings. When the war ended, Dior was enlisted by Marcel Boussac to bring the established Philippe et Gaston fashion house back to life, but it was far too gone to be saved, and Dior had a vision of his own future. In 1946, he and Boussac founded the House of Dior. Over the decades, the two built a fashion empire that spans the globe.

Celebrities Out on the Town

Dior’s stunning fashions appeal to the brightest stars in the Hollywood sky. Jennifer Lawrence has a hunger for Dior that’s almost insatiable, and Emma Watson is simply magical in the many gowns that she owns. Other stars who adore their Dior include Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Indeed, the list of celebrities who wear Dior is as long as the credits at the end of Hollywood blockbuster.

Exceptional Value and Unique Qualities

Dior is confident in its position as a fashion leader. This allows the company to explore trends while remaining true to its classical roots. Sophisticated and stylish, the company’s fashions remain in style long after fads have faded away. The company’s reliance on soft fabrics and unique details create pieces that are comfortable and classy, easy to care for and resilient for everyday wear. This makes Dior designs popular from the red carpet and the ballroom to the boardroom and the company picnic.

The Allure of Dior Purses

Dior purses are more than a fashion statement; they are a symbol of refined elegance that the world can admire. Each purse is crafted to the highest quality standards and designed to provide ample space for whatever a modern lady likes to carry. Lady Dior purses are constructed from the softest calfskin or lambskin and embellished with lucky badges that would make the heart of King Midas flutter. Each purse design is carefully selected so that it can be paired and matched with a wide variety of clothing and jewelry from Dior collections. This makes them fun to own as they can be paired with everything from skirts and gowns to shoes and sunglasses.

Caring for Christian Dior Purses

Christian Dior purses should be well oiled and protected from water damage. If they are not, seams can form and the leather can become faded and cracked. Additionally, the embellishments on Christian Dior handbags often include precious jewels, pearls, gold and silver. This means that each purse requires specialized care based on the type of jewelry that is present. To avoid damaging the purse, it is best to have a professional clean and polish these embellishments so that the leather doesn’t become damaged by the cleaning agents.

Borrowing Against Your Dior Purses

Whether it is a bag you no longer carry, or a gift you never use, a Christian Dior purse in the closet collecting dust isn’t something that is adding value to your bottom line. Fortunately, Dior purses hold their value remarkably well and this means they can be used to generate a quick small business loan. With purchase prices that can exceed several thousand dollars, Christian Dior handbags and purses are popular items within any online luxury exchange. Their popularity combined with their intrinsic value makes it possible for our online shop to offer clients top dollar for their Dior collections.

A Process You Can Trust and Depend on

There are many pawn shops that buy purses, but there are few that stand behind their products and services as squarely as we do at Lux Exchange.  Our goal is not simply to do business; we aim to offer clients an experience that is as refined and sophisticated as the lifestyles they are accustomed to.

Our transparent process ensures that each of our clients knows precisely how much the item is worth and guarantees the highest possible loan for their luxury goods. Like the luxury brands we secure as collateral, we do not cut corners and are committed to providing the highest level of service to our discriminating clientele. Our refined service and the value we offer our clients for their luxury fashion items are the reasons that many of our clients return time and time again for their short-term loan needs.

Security and Discretion

Whether our clients are borrowing against their personal possessions to get through hard times or simply looking for a fast small business loan to expand their operations, we value our client’s privacy as if it were our own. Moreover, our security measures ensure that each item is properly cataloged and stored so that it can be quickly retrieved and returned when the loan is repaid. At all points of the transaction, customer privacy and discretion are protected by time-tested security measures that ensure our details of our client’s personal finances remain locked down as tight as the clasp on a luxury purse.





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