Alexander McQueen Handbags & Accessories Collateral Loans

A Fabled History Born of Humble Beginnings

Alexander McQueen left this world far too early, but what he left behind was a reputation for excellence that the company continues to live by. The son of a London taxi driver who grew up in a council flat, McQueen cut his teeth and his fabric on Savile Row where he picked up the skills he needed to transform his ideas into works of wearable art.

Today, the company’s creative director is Sarah Burton, who is most famous for having designed the wedding gown for the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. Burton’s gravitas and ability to see far into the future have positioned the company to remain a leader among the world’s leading design houses. While Gucci owns more than 51 percent of the company, they have given a free hand to Burton to continue the design inspirations set forth by McQueen, thus allowing both companies to benefit from a diverse and eclectic fashion line.

Celebrities as His Strongest Supporters

McQueen’s designs have accented the curves and graced the wardrobes of some of Hollywood’s most admired performers – among them, Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz, Bjork and Lady Gaga. Even the single lady herself, Rihanna, has been known to wear her Alexander McQueen designs as often as she can.

Inspirations from History

Alexander McQueen’s designs are heavily rooted in history and the natural world. Over the years, their collections have grown to include entire ensembles complete with purses, shoes, belts and jewelry. The artistry and craftsmanship of each piece are evident in every piece available within Alexander McQueen’s collections. Alexander McQueen handbags – in particular, the cross-body bag, clutches and Heroine styles – lead the industry in creating a perfect balance between tasteful elegance and everyday use.

Collections that Hold Their Value

An Alexander McQueen purse is an investment that holds its value. Alexander McQueen bags and other items from their collections often sell for close to their original price and can sell for even more if the provenance of the item can show that it was owned by a celebrity or fashion icon.

Of course, there are caveats to this claim. Wear and tear, as well as styles that have gone out of fashion, can create a loss of luster in the eyes of consumers. Thus, it is important to carefully time the sale so that the item remains a hot ticket that will command top dollar.

Caring for McQueen

Alexander McQueen bags are famous for including everything from blush-suede to diamonds on the clasp. When paired with goat or calfskin leather, the results are absolutely stunning. However, the variety of components and their inherent fragility makes caring for Alexander McQueen collections somewhat of a challenge.

Because each Alexander McQueen purse and Alexander McQueen clutch is different, it is imperative to follow to the letter the care instructions that came with each. Prior to requesting a loan for the item, it is advisable to have the bag professionally cleaned and inspected.

Securing a Loan for Alexander McQueen Items

Yes, Virginia, there are pawn shops that buy designer handbags! Lux Exchange will gladly offer a loan or small business loan for items in good condition that have been well-cared for. With salon prices starting at just under $2,000, it is quite possible to secure a significant-sized loan on these items.

Securing a Loan is a Simple, Straightforward Process

Our online luxury exchange makes the process of securing a small business loan or regular loan as simple and expedient as possible. Our clients merely need to fill out an application for a loan to receive an initial evaluation of the item. Once the client accepts our initial offer, we send a prepaid and insured FedEx box for the client to send the item to our secured facility.

Upon receipt of the item, our team of evaluators sets to work examining the bag and preparing a thorough evaluation of the Alexander McQueen bag. This evaluation is submitted to the client for review. When the client accepts our final offer, funds are deposited into their bank account within 24 hours.

A Different Kind of Loan

Banks take forever to process loan paperwork, but our online shop does it in a fraction of the time. Rather than tying up capital to secure a small business loan, our clients use their valuables as a tool to generate revenue. Our loans range from $500 to $5 million, and while there is a small monthly service fee, our secure services feature no upfront charges, shipping charges, storage charges, insurance charges or transaction fees.

In fact, 98 percent of our clients reclaim their items before their loan terms come due. This rate is among the highest of any online luxury exchange and highlights the reliable services we provide.

More than Just McQueen

Lux Exchange features far more than just the fantastic designs of the Alexander McQueen label. We proudly accept Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Hermes and many other brands. We value the appeal of luxury and we endeavor to offer our clients top dollar for their prized possessions.





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