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About Our Handbag/Purse-backed Loans

Designer handbags and accessories are a popular element of many people’s closets, but they often take up more room than you’d like. Additionally, although people often invest considerably in luxury handbags, many might think their accessories collection have no liquid value. However, the Lux Exchange offers you a convenient, discreet way to unlock the cash in your luxury assets and turn them into valuable loan collateral. In our system of secure lending, luxury items like handbags, accessories and more are your key to an easy and private source of cash flow.

We want to issue a loan based on your luxury purse. If you have one of the following or equivalent value handbag, get started!

Luxury Handbag Designers We Issue Loans Against

Alexander McQueen Logo

Alexander McQueen

No, you do not need an Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch, but why would you want to live without one? Shoulder bags, handbags, satchels totes and more bear the imposing AMQ insignia in vivid gold.

Burberry Logo


Quietly practical yet beautifully clean, Burberry is brilliantly British. Its scarf-inspired clutches and luxury handbags show the quintessential Burberry plaid.

Celine Logo


Céline Vipiana’s Parisian business began in 1945, and today under the design leadership of Phoebe Philo it produces flirty, fun fashion in calfskin and canvas.

Chanel Logo


Coco Chanel’s unique initials tell the world you invested wisely in a French designer of impeccable credentials. Wearing a Chanel lambskin clutch to accompany your Chanel little black dress will make you a standout in any gathering.

Chloe Logo


Chloé began under the design leadership of Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion. This half-century-old Parisian house produces unique, geometric handbags with the distinctive large metal ring accenting suede or small-grain lambskin leathers.

Christian-Dior Logo

Christian Dior

This Paris fashion house began in 1946 and has strived to provide fashion-savvy clients with a complete look, from gorgeous handbags to haute couture shoes and hats. The purses, handbags and clutches of Lady Dior dangle metal letters proudly.

Christian-Louboutin Logo

Christian Louboutin

Few designers match the distinctive styling of Louboutin. This renowned brand produces handbags with luxurious waterfall tassles and calfskin handbags that are as imposing and self-supporting as Bauhaus furniture.

Goyard Logo


This Parisian design house still styles itself a trunk-maker. Its personalized line of handbags with colorful stripes and your initials will set your handbag apart from the crowd.

Gucci Logo


The eye-catching GG of genuine Gucci signals glamour and trend-setting fashion to everyone who sees your Gucci handbag over your arm. Whether crafted from brocade fabric or leather, a Gucci luxury handbag announces you in style.

Hermes Logo


Carrying a Hermès handbag broadcasts your power, prestige and influence to all around you. Your Hermès could bring you more today in loan than you paid originally.

Louis-Vuitton Logo

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton handbags are recognized throughout the world for their distinctive intertwined L-and-V logo and all-over flowers on canvas, leather or varnished leather.

Salvatore-Ferragamo Logo

Salvatore Ferragamo

Strong, vivid statements in deep black leather and metallic finishes are hallmarks of this line, building from Ferragamo’s origins as a shoemaker to the stars of Hollywood.

Roberto-Cavalli Logo

Roberto Cavalli

Look to Cavalli for hobo bags and rucksacks that radiate sophistication and luxury. Leather, fur and synthetics combine in ultra-modern opulence.

Versace Logo


The unmistakable Medusa head closure on Versace’s newest handbag line calls out as clearly as the vivid dyes in the luxurious calfskin leathers.

Yves-Saint-Laurent Logo

Yves Saint Laurent

Few designers produce the timeless masterpieces of Yves Saint Laurent. Elegant, understated and quietly proud, these handbags signal supreme design confidence and good taste.

How to Borrow Against Your Designer Handbags & Accessories Online

Utilizing the hidden value in your designer handbag collection is a simple task that can be primarily completed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you’ll need to do is complete our online application, providing details about the items you’re interested in collateralizing. Then, our team of luxury asset experts will provide you with a fair, well-informed offer. If you choose to accept, funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. Your assets will be stored in our secure, monitored facility until the loan terms are met, and then be shipped back to you.

Maximizing the Value of Your Loan

If your designer purse has its original packaging and receipt, it’s more than likely to earn a higher collateral loan offer. Condition is also important in determining the value of your loan. Check your handbag for stains, tears, or visual damage, and make small repairs or have it cleaned before requesting an offer – this can help maximize the amount of cash you’ll receive.

Borrowing Against Your Luxury Handbag with the Lux Exchange

Unlike other luxury exchange companies, the Lux Exchange has worked hard to assemble a team of asset experts. Our expertise in luxury assets results in an honest and accurate appraisal, so you can receive fair market value for your items. We understand the luxury asset market and are able to work with extremely high-end items that other companies may be less familiar with. Because luxury handbags are a popular asset at the Lux Exchange, we have a high level of familiarity with a wide range of styles, designers, and values.

If you choose to accept the collateral loan, you can rest assured that your assets will be safe with us. Every shipment is fully insured and tracked, and our team can send you video documentation to assure you that your items have been received safely. Your valuable goods will be stored in our locked, fully-secure facility and cared for diligently.

To learn more about how you can maximize the liquidity of your luxury handbags and accessories collection, we invite you to contact the Lux Exchange team today.





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