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Mr. Collector, are you sure that Rolex is real? Fake watches have been around almost as long as the genuine ones. But now, enter the “SuperFakes” watches created so that they can sell for a maximum price to unsuspecting collectors or buyers. Fraudsters are getting better and better at this illegal imitation. These SuperFakes are a new breed of fake watch that, thanks to advances in manufacturing and 3D printing, can be indistinguishable from the real thing. These Imposters are made for pennies and can sell for thousands, fooling first-time collectors and experienced resellers alike. For example, the Federation of the Swiss Watch industry says Switzerland produces 30 million watches a year. They estimate that fakers build 1.6 million a year, ensuring that your chances of coming across a fake in the “wild” is fairly high.

Enter WCSA. This organization draws on a proven database of over 100,000 counterfeit serial numbers for 90 brands and a record of supporting thousands of watch authentications per month. The WCSA’s online authentication service supports Internet purchases with Watch Assist Verification Reports. To date, they have serviced over 1,100 trade store locations with their web-based watch authentication services.

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